The Safety and Security Department at ORC implements the rules and regulations that aim to protect production elements, namely: human – machines and equipment – crude matter, and in order to achieve this implements the following standards :

1 - ISO18001:2008 in safety .
2 - ISO14001:2004 in environment .
The department also implements the rules and regulations stated by the Ministry of Petroleum and Ministry of Environment, in the form of the environmental law for 2001 and the regulations on environmental protection in the petroleum industry for 2002 released by the Ministry of Petroleum .
The department falls under the higher administration (Director General’s office) .

#Safety first# ORC’s policy xx on provision of a safe and productive workplace for all its workers and contractors and visitors and the local community, through making the safety system a main part of and requirement for the different activities conducted by the company. To accomplishment this goal we are committed to the following :-
1 - Working on prevent the occurrence of injuries among workers .
2 - Promoting a positive safety culture among all activities carried out .
3 - Modification and implementation of safety plans to guarantee the preservation of environment health and safety .
4 - Limiting and minimizing hazards, practices and behaviours that are considered unsafe and may cause accidents .
5 - Emphasizing the protection of workers and the environment from harm by continuously pursuing our goal of zero casualties .
6 - Training of all workers to carry out their required duties and assuring the availability and use of the appropriate safety gear .
7 - Maintain workers’ health by assuring it is monitored at all times .
8 - Promotion of the policy pertaining to halting all work not adhering to safety regulations for all workers and contractors, and that they are responsible for stopping any work considered unsafe .

Health :
ORC places special importance on occupational and environmental health with its workers’ health as a priority as well as promotion of production. In order to achieve this, all workers in specific sections undergo regular checkups for prevention of diseases and injuries related to the workplace. All employees enjoy the services provided by the ORC clinic staffed by doctors and nurses. There are first aid services available in all areas of the refinery, and the Safety and Security department carries out field trips to identify, control and prevent hazards related to the production activities and services to assure their adherence to environmental health regulations and the availability of safety regulations .