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About ORC

The Al-Ubayed refinery is located to the north of the city of Al-Ubaid, the capital of North Kordofan State in western Sudan, and it is registered as a limited liability company, owned by the Sudanese Oil Corporation of the Sudanese Ministry of Energy. The refinery was established in 1996, and the construction project took a period not exceeding six months, which is a record. During this period, the installations of refineries, power plants, crude oil tanks, and their lines with refineries, charging ports, raw unloading docks, and loading freight were completed. The refinery was opened on July 22, 1996, and the refinery started its activities by refining 10,000 barrels per day, then rose to 15,000 barrels per day, and it refines the incoming crude into four products: -
1- Naphtha.
2- Kerosene.
3- Gasoline.
4- French.
Besides the diesel product, it is a mixture of gasoline, kerosene, and French. Diesel is used in thermal power stations in the major states of Darfur, Al-Nahoud and Kadugli.

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Naphtha 5%
Kerosene 5%
Gas oil 22%
L. Residue 68%

In the context of spreading the culture of environment, safety and occupational health and on the occasion of the World Environment and Safety Day, Engineer / Emad El-Din Othman Mahmoud - Quality Manager, presented a lecture entitled “Environmental and Safety Culture” in the presence of a large number of workers and employees of the El Obeid Refinery Company, the Sudanese Oil Corporation El Obeid Branch and the security forces. The lecture dealt with the objectives of the World Environment and Safety Day, the modern trends of environmental and safety management, and the keys to leadership to promote a culture of safety and other topics. The lecture came out with a set of recommendations made by the honorable audience.

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Provide Training

The refinery contributes since its initiation in community development especially in terms of training, with a section designated to this task and which aims to train and develop those working in the refinery .

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Welcome to the guest section in the section of questions that the Students ، we commend the honorable people that the discussion should be objective to achieve the greatest benefit.


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Since its inception, Al-Obeid Refinery Company has contributed to the development of the community in various fields. The following is a list of the most important achievements of the refinery in different fields .



The Safety and Security Department at ORC implements the rules and regulations that aim to protect production elements, namely: human – machines and equipment – crude matter, and in order to achieve this implements the following standards .





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