Obied Refinery Co. LTD

ORC Social Responsibility (CSR)

ORC has been contributing to community development in different aspects since its early beginnings. Below is a listing of ORC’s most important accomplishments in different areas:-


  1. Rehabilitation of the obstetrics and gynecology complex in Elobeid Hospital
  2. Rehabilitation of the surgical theatre complex in Elobeid Hospital
  3. Rehabilitation of the renal dialysis complex in Elobeid Hospital
  4. Rehabilitation of the chest health complex
  5. Contribution to environmental health campaigns in the state
  6. Supported the Kuwaiti Hospital in Elobeid
  7. Supported Om Barakat Hospital


  1. Supported Kordofan University
  2. Supported Elquraan Elkarim University, Elobeid branch
  3. Supported Ministry of Education, Elobeid
  4. Supported Beldo Quraanic School, Elobeid
  5. Rehabilitation of Abdelkarim Hassan Gaafar school, Elobeid
  6. Rehabilitation of Om Hibeil school, Rahad locality
  7. Supported Elzahra school for girls, Elbahria
  8. Supported Eldoma school, Om Dam locality
  9. Supported Elribeita North school, Om Ruwaba
  10. Supported the School Education Directorate, Elobeid

Mosques and Khalwas

  1. Supported the Secretariate of Faith and Da’wa
  2. Supported Arafat Islamic Center in Elobeid
  3. Supported a mosque in Om Ruwaba
  4. Rehabilitation of Elburei Mosque
  5. Rehabilitation of Beldo Mosque
  6. Rehabilitation of Elwahda Mosque, station 10
  7. Rehabilitation of Arafat Mosque
  8. Rehabilition of Om Sir Mosque, Hay Elqalaa
  9. Rehabilition of Om Ashra Elbishariya Mosque, Reefi Ashana
  10. Lighting for Om Hajar Mosque, Aliqa
  11. Rehabiliting of Hay Elmatar Mosque, block 11
  12. Rehabilitation of Elsayed Abdelbagi Mosque
  13. Rehabilitation of Elfalah Mosque, Elqalaa
  14. Supported Jabrat Elsheikh khalwa and commissionary
  15. Supported Elsheikh Makki Elrasheed Complex, Om Rowaba North

Civil Society Organizations and Institutions

  1. Supported the General Secretariate of the Government of North Kordofan
  2. Supported the Higher Committee for Ezat Elsudan Camps
  3. Supported the Ministry of Social Affairs, North Kordofan
  4. Supported the General Lands Directorate, North Kordofan
  5. Supported the North Kordofan Police Directorate
  6. Supported the North Kordofan Electricity Directorate
  7. Alhilal Sports Club, North Kordofan
  8. Coordinating Body for Civil Service, North Kordofan
  9. Supported the Higher Council for Youth and Sports, North Kordofan
  10. Supported the Popular Police, Elobeid
  11. Supported the Directorate of Urban Planning
  12. Supported the Bara Lawyer Union
  13. Supported the Bara Commissionary
  14. Supported the Ministry of Social Affairs
  15. Supported Sodery Locality
  16. Supported the Forests Directorate, North Kordofan
  17. Supported Abu Zabad Commissionary
  18. Supported Wad Banda Commissionary
  19. Supported Jabrat Elsheikh Locality
  20. Supported the state parliament
  21. Supported Om Rowaba Locality
  22. Supported Elnuhood Commissionary
  23. Supported Elwifaq Charity Organization – Khamas Eldonki
  24. Supported Eltahreer Sports Club – Elobeid
  25. Participated in the security procedures for the forces stationed at the refinery
  26. Supported the Hay Elthawra East charity organization, Elobeid


  1. Asphalted the road from the Red Crescent until the end of Hay Elbetrol
  2. Rehabilitation of the Elobeid Stadium lighting system
  3. Lighting of the Daleel Graveyard in Elobeid City
  4. Supported water (Elsuqya charity organization)
  5. Supported the rural development projects, North Kordofan
  6. Supported the Drinking Water Authority in the state
  7. Rehabilitation of Om Dam Haj Ahmed police center, North Kordofan
  8. Participated in completing the Abu Khires water station (adjacent to the refinery)
  9. Supported the Legal Administration buildings, North Kordofan
  10. Supported the Hay Elmarwa lighting project
  11. Annual support for the State of North Kordofan Nafeer
  12. Bara Graveyard lighting
  13. Supported Dar Elmohandis in Elobeid
  14. Rehabilitation of the Civil Defence vehicle, Bara locality