Obied Refinery Co. LTD
Products Chart

Obeid Refinery’s Main Products


Untreated benzene which is made use of by mixing with super benzene or an additive material, or by entering it into the benzene treatment unit to give it the normal benzene’s specifications.


Also known as white gasoline, and is mainly for home use for lighting and cooking, and for industrial use in chemical industries and paints, and in bakeries as a substitute for wood.
Also, a percentage of it is added to gas oil to treat a specific specification, as well as being considered the crude material for jet fuel (JET A1).

Gas oil / AKA Gasoline

The number one product that boosts the economy and is used in agriculture, transport and the majority of services and generation and industries.

L. Residue

Used by thermal generation stations and steam boilers in sugar, textile, oil and soap factors among other large scale factories.