Obied Refinery Co. LTD

Training and academic cooperation

The refinery contributes since its initiation in community development especially in terms of training, with a section designated to this task and which aims to train and develop those working in the refinery as well as students, in order to achieve the following:-

- Support higher education by providing training opportunities for students and graduates of universities and higher institutes, by coordinating with universities inside and outside Sudan. There are training opportunities for Sudanese students in international universities based on their universities’ request.
- Improvement of the academic level of students by providing them with practical training
- Providing opportunities for students’ graduation projects based on requests from universities especially University of Kordofan in all specialties (chemical engineering – mechanical engineering – electrical engineering – environment and safety – accounting – business administration, etc.)
- Providing practical training opportunities for a number of students from Donbesco Institute and Khor Taggat Institute for Vocational Training in Elobeid for 5 months every year
- Students gain the maximum benefit by participating in regular maintenance work, especially students from Donbesco Institute and Khor Taggat Institute for Vocational Training and students studying mechanical and electrical engineering in University of Kordofan
- Providing group training opportunities for university students through coordination between the refinery and the university administrations, for example University of Kordofan, Nielein University, Elimam Elmahdi University, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Elsalam University, etc., where these group visits are arranged for graduate students according to plan
- Provision of training opportunities for graduating students depends on the refinery’s situation and the available opportunities based on the training department’s plan and the different departments’ situations
- School students are given the opportunity to visit the refinery to get to know the refinery and gain information about petroleum in Sudan.
The table below shows the training of university and institute students and vocational training centers students from 2014 to November 2016: