Obied Refinery Co. LTD

Elobeid Refinery Company (ORC)

Elobeid Refinery Company (ORC), is a Company wholly owned by the Sudanese government, the construction and commissioning of the refinery was completed in July 1996.
The refinery stands as an evidence for the good decision, planning, acting and the close follow-up of the official authorities to reach the target. And this target is what the political and technical authorities in the Ministry of Energy and Mining had challenged on it.
The refinery Design capacity The refinery designed to process 10,000 bbl/day (452,000 t/y), Then developed to reach 15000 bbl/day (679,150 t/y) since debottle-necking the crude heaters by adding to the preheat train three heat exchangers and two fuel oil pumps.
The main products are:-
• Fuel oil
• Gas oil
• Kerosene
• Naphtha